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Please click here to view video tutorials on recording rounds of golf on stat sheets and course guides - especially useful for tour players and tour caddies.

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This page outlines the golf consultancy services, headed up by Chris Sells. To enquire, please contact us.

About Chris Sells

Chris Sells (owner and co-founder of has been consulting to elite golfers on their golf stats, equipment, course management and tournament scheduling since the year 2000. His knowledge and technical understanding of the game is unmatched, and his experience in consulting to world class golf professionals, coaches, manufacturers, management agents and golf organisations has led Chris Sells to being recognised as the world's leading consultant on golf statistics.

Working With Players: Player Questions

The process of working with players begins with asking them and their coaches / support team a series of questions in order to understand what they feel they are good at and what needs improving, together with a general idea of how they approach their game. The questions are sometimes discussed during in-person meetings and sometimes through simple questionnaires.

Working With Players: Recording Round Data

Before any golf stats analysis and feedback can be provided, round data must be recorded either by the player or their caddie on their behalf. There are three methods of recording the data (outlined at the bottom of this page).

Working With Players: Golf Stats Analysis

Once round data has been collected, in preparation for feedback, we analyse the player's game in great detail. We analyse strengths and weaknesses, break down equipment to see how everything is performing (including identifying potential club defects - of which 70% of tour players suffer with each year), look into their course management, and create a calendar of their tournament scheduling and results. We even build a career profile of the player, where we research their full playing history, getting to know their golf as much as possible in preparation for feedback.

Working With Players: Feedback (tailor made for each player)

The feedback is the most important part of the process and is tailor made for each player. Some players require a very in-depth understanding of their game (with a wish to sit together in-person looking through all the numbers). Other players prefer to just receive simple instructions on what extra bits they need to do on the range. Sometimes it can boil down to a simple on-course strategy adjustment. Over the years working with such a variety of players from across the world, we have learned the importance of tailor making our service, and we pride ourselves at being very good at it.

Working With Players: Feedback (provided in a variety of ways)

Feedback can be provided in a variety of ways and is often determined by where the player is located in the world. From in-person meetings to telephone or Skype conferences, from simple emails to full PDF reports that are forwarded to all support team members, we can deal with the most demanding requests. All support team members are welcome to attend meetings at the request of the player. Note that we attend a number of golf events throughout the year where in-person meetings can take place. And special requests can be made by players to meet at locations convenient to them, for example at their home or training facility (of course expenses may apply). We are even fast approaching the launch of video feedback reports so that everyone can just sit back and watch on their computer, tablet or smart phone.

Working With Players: Feedback (removing bias opinions and emotions)

Feedback usually includes showing the player and coaches / support team the areas of their golf that are performing well and the areas that need improving, compared to past performances, peers and levels that they aspire to play at. Feedback also usually includes drills that may aid practice and tournament preparation, as well as the highlighting of any club defects, plus course management / tournament scheduling recommendations. Very importantly we remove bias opinions and emotions that players and coaches / support team members may have about their golf (and the game of golf in general), and show how building their game around their strengths will benefit their scoring. The overall aim is for everyone to understand what is actually happening on the course and to get everyone focused on the same path forwards. More often than not we are able to teach everyone a few things along the way.

Working With Players: Behind The Scenes Monitoring

Over and above the services already highlighted, we also perform regular analysis and golf equipment monitoring behind the scenes, with any important findings quickly being drawn to the attention of the player, caddie, coaches or support team members.

Working With Players: Watching The Players

We try to observe players on-course during practice rounds and during tournament rounds at attended tour events, in an effort to understanding their on-course player / caddie partnership and their course management. We also observe the players through electronic devices for televised events both whilst attending events and whilst back at base.

Working With Players: Annual Packages And Trials For New Clients

Our services are generally offered on an annual basis for a fixed fee, but for new clients a short term trial is often the best introduction to our golf consultancy services. Fees still apply for trials and are priced based on duration and requirements.

Working With Players: Expenses And Injury Clauses

We attend a number of tour events throughout each year in order to carry out the services at no extra costs to clients. But in the event that any extra costs or expenses may be incurred as a result of carrying out the service, the client will be informed prior to undertaking and no expense will be charged without the client’s prior agreement. If the player is unable to compete in tournament golf as a result of injury, for a period longer than three months, the service may be carried over to the following year. Any carry over is at our sole discretion and is limited to one year only.

Other Consultancy Services

While Chris Sells personally leads all services for main tour players, other consultants often serve elite players from mini-tours and feeder-tours, and fees are generally priced based on duration and requirements. Bespoke services undertaken on behalf of golf coaches, golf manufacturers, golf management agents and golf organisations are served by the team as a whole, based on requirements.

Recording Round Data

There are three main methods of recording the round data which are as follows: