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Please click here to view video tutorials on recording rounds of golf on stat sheets and course guides - especially useful for tour players and tour caddies.

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Operating System is designed for use with the Windows XP and later operating systems on the PC. You may experience viewing and log-in problems when using other operating systems not listed.

Internet Browser (for PC´s and MAC´s) is designed for use on a PC with the Internet Explorer version 7.0 and above, and is best viewed on a 1024 by 768 display setting. We generally recommend that MAC users should access the system using the Firefox browser. You may experience viewing and log-in problems when using other internet browsers not listed.

Membership ID

The Membership ID is a unique password, entered by our golf members when registering with The combination of a member´s name and Membership ID is used to gain access to view the member´s golf statistics in the statistics area, without logging into their account. This enables a member to permit individuals (for example, a golf coach) to view their golf statistics, whilst not allowing anyone access to their account in any way. It is the member´s own responsibility to whom they provide their name, and Membership ID. If the member suspects unauthorized use of their Membership ID, they should log into their account and change it at the earliest opportunity. See the Terms and Conditions if you require further legal information.

Handicap Systems

Due to the global golf nature of and the numerous different evolving golf handicap systems across the world (in both men´s golf and women´s golf), it is not possible to provide golf handicap tools on Statistically, it is far more accurate for golfers to monitor their golf coaching and golf game improvement through their Stroke Average.

Golf Measurement Units and Bands

All golf measurement units on can be both entered and viewed in yards / feet or metres. Measurement bands include any distances which are further than the first distance but shorter than or equal to the second distance. For example, the band “2 - 4 feet” includes any measurement further than 2 feet and shorter than or equal to 4 feet. The measurement unit conversion calculations used on are:

  • 1 metre = 1.0936133 yards
  • 1 metre = 3.2808399 feet
  • 1 yard = 0.9144 metres
  • 1 yard = 3 feet
  • 1 foot = 0.3048 metres
  • 1 foot = 0.33333333 yards

Technical Jargon about Golf Statistics

Golf statistics can be confusing, misleading and inaccurate if not correctly recorded and analysed by players or golf coaches. They are inter-related statistics, which means if one changes, it influences others. An infinite number of inter-related statistics combinations means it is impossible to build predetermined computer algorithms that perform golf analysis. Expert human judgement is needed when assessing player golf performances using statistics.

Glossary of Golf Terms

View the Glossary of Golf Terms.

Golf Statistics Help

The Golf Statistics Help page provides detailed explanations of all golf stats used on

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